why i want to be a rock star
(october 2, 2002)

listening: the scientist coldplay, last beautiful girl matchbox twenty, you won't be mine matchbox twenty
reading: the complete poems anne sexton

Question: Rockstars. Why do you think they're the absolute of cool (and why you're so obviously not) and why would you give up everything to become one. Discuss in no less than 500 words.

Reading time is now over. You shall commence with your answer now.

*scratches head with the blunt end of 2B pencil, as one usually does at the end of reading time, as if such act can physically nudge the brain cells into working*


Rockstars. They're the absolute of cool. Obviously, I'm not one. Although I would give everything up if people would pay to see me trash some cymbals and hurl guitars into my drummer's temporarily horrified face (The Vines), or sing and play guitar barefoot on stage (Something For Kate), or just play breathtakingly good live music, period (Coldplay, George, etc etc). Or just because the lead of my band is just so heart-meltingly handsome, with that broken, suffering artist look and that raw vocals to match (Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, Jakob Dylan of The Wallflowers, Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty, Chris Martin of Coldplay, Sarah McLeod of The Superjesus).

Ok, so this people don't know where I went for school or whether I collect ceramic frogs. So screw them (not the adorable, breakable toads). I have friends who, among other wonderful amazing things that they're capable of:

i) was in a band and has performed Shakira's Underneath Your Clothes and Hole's Miss World in one setlist, a feat of variety all on its own,

ii) can sing eerily reminiscent of Jewel and reminds me of Alanis Morissette (she also wants to have her own video clip)

iii) can play all kinds of guitars, and drums also. (sub-question: Is it not true that the guitar is the coolest/sexiest musical instrument ever? Discuss in no less than 250 words)

iv) etc etc etc. (I wish I could but I can't be keeping tabs on everyone's musical talent progress)

So yeah, I'm not one of these people, hence forever doomed to be stuck in the uncool list. But that's okay, it's not what you know...

(Note to marker: this is not 500 words. I also know you'll give me low marks for digression and misleading by entry title.)


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