back to bachelor
(dec 25, 2002)

listening: st patrick's day john mayer


Mom just called, thoroughly amused that she could make calls from her mobile, with her 019 number, when they were still at the Melbourne Airport. They should be boarding the plane right about now. I'm wondering how Mom and Dad are going to stuff all those Royal Doulton plate sets (we had to take two cabs!) in the overhead carriage and not tilt the plane. Little brother would get increasingly nervous in his seat, he really hates flying, and will half-die of boredom and anxiety by the first half hour, right up until they switch on the movie/games-console-thingy.

Haha, I'm missing them a little already, aren't I?

I sent them to the airport, but didn't stay for long because the nice cab driver would give me a free ride back to the city (that's 35 dollars I get to spend on a Queer As Folk DVD set). Ah well, I'm really bad with goodbyes anyway. We shook hands, said goodbyes, my dad's parting words were 'Jangan tak balik!' (Make sure you remember to come home!). We're not very dramatic people.

So now it's back to living alone. I miss them a little, but I miss the peace and the do-as-you-please and the not-arguing-with-Dad-over-road-directions-and-other-small-stupid-things, too. The apartment needs some cleaning. I'm writing while I wait for my laundry and the portable vacuum to recharge.

Christmas today (stating the obvious, a talent I dispense with annoying regularity). All shops are closed, so there's nothing to do today but wait for my laundry (Mom was really amused and impressed with the careless convenience that a dryer provides, since no one back home use it. I think I'm getting close to persuading her to get one), clean up the apartment a bit, and perhaps catch up on sleep. My legs still hurt a little. (Tourist-guiding your own family can be a physically and emotionally draining job. Especially with all the extra, unpaid guilt trips.)

Boxing Day tomorrow, when departmental stores capitalize on festive boredom with the biggest sale of the year. I have to reserve energy for some serious shopping and tugging tomorrow. Mom had me memorize some quilt cover patterns that she wants.

Have a berry merry Christmas.


Ani Difranco and Beth Orton are coming to Melbourne. In February!!! Gaaah!!! Gaaahhh!!!


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