friday the 13th
(dec 13, 2002)

listening: feel to believe beth orton
reading: australia road maps


Grrr. A-D-U-A-T-I-O-N! Today, 3.30 pm.

Hope I remember to do all these things in order:

i) get everyone out of the house by 12.30 pm, catch the train, then the bus, and arrive at venue before 1.30 pm

ii) pick up ridiculous gown 2 hours before ceremony, West Wing Cellar Room, Campus Centre

iii) figure out where West Wing Cellar Room, Campus Centre, actually is

iv) pick up guest tickets (and probably fight for an extra one, if Daddy insists on having all FIVE of us in that room), also 2 hours before ceremony, Robert Blackwood Hall

v) sense where Robert Blackwood Hall is with my eerie, finely-tuned psychic ability and sense of direction

vi) take insane amounts of graduation photos, after putting on ridiculous gown (ugh ugh ugh)

vii) attend actual ceremony at 3.30 pm

viii) not trip on stage

ix) return ridiculous gown

After weeks of brain inactivity, where the zenith of hard intelligent thought of the day is "this soap is not moisturizing enough" or "how do they make the stripey toothpaste come out stripey?" (still an infallible mystery), the above list obviously will be too much for me to handle! Aaaaah!


I just really like this bit from Beth Orton's song, Sweetest Decline, the rest of the song is great, too,

what's the use in regrets
they're just things we haven't done yet
what are regrets
just lessons we haven't learned yet

Just kinda sums up how I'm feeling (or, should feel) about things right now. Like, putting things in perspective, even when things currently don't really require retranslating them into any other perspective than the one you have at the moment, if I'm making any sense.

Gaaah. This need to keep putting things in perspective. It's annoying the impulsive and the careless.

But anyway, yeah, I just really love that bit from that song. It feels fit enough to take on whenever you feel like it, and if you don't, then the other truth is true, too.


The family arrived yesterday morning.(A little celebrity gossip: my little sister sat behind Dr. Wan Azizah in the flight. I think she's here to see her son. Maybe he's graduating tomorrow also!) It's great to see them (mia familia, not Dr. Wan Azizah's) again, reminds me of this other world I used to live in. Reminds me of a lot of things. They're like these huge, walking, shivering, jacket-tugging, neon-coloured Post-Its.

Took them for a walk around Melbourne, I'm a relentless and unforgiving tour guide! The weather was pretty bad, though, especially since this was their first day. Summer my foot. My little sister went into her "arewethereyet?arewethereyet?arewethereyet?" mode, which, I swear, wasn't the slightest bit annoying, my brother chose to sit on every chair/bench he saw on the way, and now Mom's running a flu. I do wonderful work.

Though I have this nagging feeling that this little family puzzle doesn't quite fit this time. And I really worry that that skewed bit is me.



Hmm. Should I wear my heels?


p.s: Won't be updating for a while. Daddy wants to go play golf in Sydney.


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