iced vanilla latte
(nov 16, 2002)

listening: fast as you can fiona apple


People I'm currently hating:

i) Pearl Jam
ii) Bruce Springsteen
iii) PJ Harvey
iv) Norah Jones

It seems that some time ago, without me knowing, they had a secret meeting and then unanimously decided that they should ALL go tour Melbourne AFTER I'm back home in Malaysia. Grrr.

My only consolation is a lovely sympathetic friend will get me a Pearl Jam concert t-shirt when he goes. (note to Shaw: I don't care if you have to rape, pillage and kill for it.)

My brain, the one that's usually responsible for all the writing (at other times it's my liver, other times it's my spleen, we're all teamplayers here), has taken off for a two-month vacation, in light of the recent end of my academic life. It has left the building. It wants to be Elvis after a concert. I could take all day trying to get this entry to reach an appropriate length. We'll see.

Like I have much else to do! HAHAHAHA!

Went to Coffee Bean in Chadstone the other day. I think that's the only Coffee Bean they have here because I haven't seen it anywhere else, here. Someone tell me if we have Iced Vanilla Latte at CBs back home? I don't think I've seen it before in Malaysia. Hmm. Bad idea to be reminded of cold icy coffee things when one is trying to remain fasting.

So sleepy these days. Caffeine withdrawal. I'm down to 1, maximum 2 a day, compared to pre-exhibition weeks count of 6-7-8-9-I-really-lost-count. Wow, to think that after a month my system will be (relatively) purged of this horrible evil toxic substance, in manner of a beautiful, toxic-free, alert butterfly emerging from a chrysalis.

Am off for some good pizza and pasta at Lygon in about an hour and a half. And maybe, just maybe, hot waffles with ice cream and choc fudge on top. Mmm.

With at least a cup of cappucino, of course.


Guess how long it took me to write this entry?


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