(september 4, 2002)

listening: a rush of blood to the head coldplay
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Ugh. So demotivated to do work. The idea that this is my final semester and there's not much damage that I haven't done already I can do anymore, provides me with a sense of relief. I also can't think of anything to write. Have been staring at a blank Wordpro document since yesterday trying to think of something clever (ooo, refreshing change!) to write. (Yes, I use Lotus Wordpro instead of Microsoft Word. I'd love to say it's because in my own small way I'm rebelling against the Evil Giant that is Mr. Gates, but actually it's just because my PC dealer gave me Lotus Smartsuite for free).

Since I can't think of anything clever, I'll think of something self-absorbed instead. Why break the tradition, anyway?

Things I want:
i) a silver BMW Z8,
ii) scenic roads (preferably in Europe) to drive silver BMW Z8 through,
iii) failing the above, a free return trip to Sydney, although at the cost of having to dig up the corporate history of my sponsor and contend with quite intimidating interviewers,
iv) failing the above, since my job interview in Sydney has been cancelled, 5-year extension on all my assignments without affecting my graduation date at the end of this year,
v) or a time machine,
v) failing the above, because Einstein is long dead, elves (preferably knowledgeable in 3d Studio Max).

A friend is getting married this weekend. Many congratulations, Miss (not for long) Dysphoric! Take lots of pictures! Guna pelamin tu! I'll be coming back home to mock you next year. :)

My friends are getting married right and left. I remember when I was a kid I thought one cannot get married unless he/she has a house and a car. Especially a car. I'm not sure how I came at this assumption. Maybe because my dad has a car for as long as I can remember. My uncles who are married all have cars. And my aunt and uncle who weren't married at the time didn't have cars. (He had a cool superbike. But still, no car.). Somehow I equated cars with marriage, you can't get married unless you have a car, and if you have car then you must be getting married soon.

But right now, I just want a silver BMW Z8, without its equal as thought by young me.


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