don't judge the cover by the book
(august 27, 2002)

listening: clocks coldplay
reading: a working girl can't win and other poems deborah garrison

Seen while I was walking down Toorak Rd:
A busker flipping through his copy of Music for Buskers. The amusing thing was that this appeared to be a real book, real as in real-someone-actually-published-it-real, not just some loose photocopied sheets of music. Can Busking for Dummies be far ahead? (if it hasn't been published already.)

Noticed while browsing in Borders:
A geekish, Chinese guy, deeply engrossed in How To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You. Or was it How To Make Everyone Love You. I was trying to get a better look at the cover, but I think he's caught me staring.

A sign on a shopwindow on Chapel St:
"Secure your future. Become a musician."

Tagline printed on a keychain:
"Coffee. You can sleep when you're dead!". Nothing like thoughts of one's mortality to keep one awake.


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