sleepless but not in seattle
(august 27, 2002)

listening: can't help falling in love pearl jam

O elusive Sleep, come and embrace me with the arms of fruitful grogginess.

Insomnia is a typical demon. It slips away, forgotten and beaten, only when you stop thinking about it. Of course, when you've heard the same song from the your Jewel cassette played twice on your hifi and you're still lying wide awake, one of the top ten things running through your head is I have heard this song twice and why am I not asleep yet? The only question you need to summon the sleepless spirit. It's just like me saying that it's absolutely, totally, forbidden of you to think of the colour red when you're visiting this site, I'm pretty sure right now you're not thinking of the colour blue. (Until now, of course).

Once you start thinking about why you can't do it, it's already become undoable. I guess this could also apply as a self-help book tagline. Ggaa. Need. To. Stop. Viewing. Optimism. As. Being. For. Dopes.

Possible job interview (just among the reasons I can't succumb to luscious sleepiness now) mid-September. And it's probably going to be in Sydney! Weeeeeee! Does anyone have any interesting interview+lone backpacker tips?

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