socca feva
(june 15, 2002)

listening: i am sam soundtrack from the motion picture. (two of us going nowhere...spending someone's...hard-earned pay...two of us wearing raincoats...standing so the and me chasing paper...getting nowhere...on our way back home...)

It's time for another...nondecaf update! Sorry for the brief dissapearance. It's been two weeks of sleeping at odd hours (if there was sleep at all), outrageous coffee consumption and panicking and cursing at my poor underappreciated, overworked PC each time it playfully teased my already jittery nerves by pretending to suddenly freeze up after it has rendered 80% of my 3D work or flirt with me with messages that contain naughty phrases like 'internal error' or 'illegal operation' or 'application will shut down now. You have one chance to save your work with a different filename'.

Uni is officially over now. My lecturer, who has a heart of gold and kidneys of shiny rubies, has granted me an extension on the fairy tale assignment and I've got until Wednesday. So am taking this weekend off to redeem sleep. And catch up with some writing and updating. (I'm sure my five, six at most, readers have been waiting with bated breath for too long!). And perhaps do laundry.

So did anyone watch soccer for the last two weeks? I think I've seen more soccer in the last two weeks than I had my entire life. It is amazing what school projects and exam and assignments will do to your TV-watching preferences.

I find myself becoming one of those people who gets increasingly nervous and starts flailing my arms and shouting for the goalie, the defender people, or the forward people, or Owen or Beckham (how impressively extensive is my soccer knowledge?) as the ball is making its way nearer to the goal. Sometimes names fail me so I just end up shouting 'Handsome! Handsome!' as the very dashing and skillful international player, and I'm sure there's a sensitive side lurking underneath all that macho and sweaty exterior too, does something mesmerizingly impressive with the ball (how extensive is my soccer knowledge?).

My housemates and I are a hopeless case. Soccer purists will want to mock and throw stones at us. Both of my housemates now are drooling over Hide Nakata (hunka hunka), and just for the sake of being unique and different I am wishing for more screen time for Shinji Ono. Although after some internet research done by my housemate after that spirited Japan win against Tunisia, Ono is one year older than us (good) and married (why oh why?).

Ah well, Rio Ferdinand is still single, isn't he? England vs Denmark game tonight!



Screenshots of final textured ant model, Mr Jones and The Temple of Donuts trailer and fairy tale assignment are up up up.

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