breathe in now
(may 26, 2002)

listening: suspicious smile elvis cover by texas
reading: inside 3ds max 4 (argh. argh.)

There are two types of people that I hate:

i) tall people who arrive early at concerts, ensuring themselves comfortable unobstructed view of the stage,

ii) tall people who arrive early at concerts, then think it's okay to pull their equally-tall friends from all the way at the back to the first row.

Went to this hot Aussie band concert, George, last night. They were absolutely amazing. Katie Noonan's voice was just simply out of this world. I can't offer enough superlatives. Though the same can't be said about the opening bands. One band was called Art of Fighting, which my friend has appropriately renamed to Art of Fighting To Stay Awake. Even the band members themselves looked like they were going to doze off. So to pass time and distract ourselves from our throbbing feet, my friend and I played spot-the-gay-couple-in-this-mad-crowd. I spotted two, which was quite good, considering it was dark and packed and this wasn't exactly Dido concert.

To a friend who was performing at her own gig last night, how did it go? Tell me all about it! Should I leave school and sign up as your groupie now?

Phew. Have just finished modeling one of my 3D assignments. Thought I'd never get it done. I suck at this. Check it out if you want to. There was a research done and the conclusion was women aren't good with 3D, something about our spatial judgement or another. I guess the same thing that made us wimpy drivers. So the blame is entirely on my chromosomes! Hah! I knew it! It wasn't just incompetence!

Mind is still thinking in terms of polygons and numbers and joints and hinges so am not exactly in the most charitable writing mood.

Hmm. I haven't seen Harry Potter yet. And my housemate slept through Star Wars 2. Yeah, we're THAT cool.

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