(may 14, 2002)

listening: song book texas

Should reeaaaallyy be doing work now. But anyway. I'm doing this for my lovely, darling readers. I'm not doing this for me. Not at all. How could you even think that?

I bought my first DVD a few days ago. Call me a dinosaur/amoeba for being a multimedia student and have only purchased one DVD in my lifetime so far, but the fact that I don't actually own a DVD players usually rules any DVD-purchase decisions as, well, quite pointless. So the DVD that has managed to overrule my better sense of judgement (or any sense of judgement, actually) is Texas - Paris. Before you mock my basic world geographic knowledge, Texas is a band, not the state where, stereotypically, their men chase cows on horses while displaying excellent skill at handling a whiplash.

Better yet, Texas is a Scottish band. Get it? Texas - Paris? Texas, the Scottish band, performed a concert in Paris. And there you were thinking, "Hey, wait a minute. Texas is not in Paris. Here, look, it said so in the atlas!". They got you there with such a clever title for a concert, didn't they? Although perhaps now you're thinking men chasing cows on horses while wearing kilts, which may or may not be a very pleasant mental image.

Anyway, because I don't have my own DVD player I had to watch my DVD at my friend's place. Already I've seen it twice in one day, and that includes all the extras they give in the DVD, too. Probably much to the annoyance of my friends who had to watch it with me. I would've watched it perhaps five more times but already a couple of my friends have been complaining that they've got 'Say What You Want' chorus running and re-running permanently on their heads now. I am a considerate person. Maybe just one more time tonight.

Also went to get a haircut this weekend. Have managed to guide hairstylist into skillfully snipping my luxurious mane ala that of Sharleen Spiteri in her White on Blonde days just based on some photos that are not of Sharleen but almost the same haircut and some subtle suggestions from yours truly. Glad didn't have to resort to yelling "What? You've never heard of Sharleen Spiteri? From the band Texas? I shall never set foot in your Britney-worshipping hair-slaughterhouse again!".

This is the shortest hair I have in years. I usually get a little traumatized by the massacre of my hair after my haircut visits, but this one went pretty well. Even Fairy said I look like a Malay version of Sharleen, which would be the most flattering comment ever made by anyone about me. I'm guessing it's just the short hair more than me actually looking like the lovely Sharleen, but I'm choosing to ignore this rather certain possibility.

Also bought another CD by Texas and have been listening to it ever since. Heh. I think my housemates are quite amused. Quite rightfully.

Well. I should get back to work now. All the while singing "you can say what you want...".


If you love corny, cliched rhymes and verses that don't really make much sense, then you'll think this is a work of a genius. This is a script for my fairy tale assignment.

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