road scholar
(march 26, 2002)

listening: fool for you monique brumby, time after time matchbox twenty (cover)(who would've thought rob thomas could do cyndi lauper?), don't believe in love diana ah naid

This is actually old material, written when I was still working in KL last summer, but in the spirit of not overworking my brain, and having to constantly come up with new ideas, here it is. Hopefully this will explain why I was just brimming with energy and enthusiasm and not stressed at all to go work each beautiful, cherished, passing day.

Thoughts encountered during driving to LRT station to get to work:

Wish am in bed.

Go back to the middle/left lane, you freaking sloth. What's your car running on? Vitagen?

Yes, you have a fully-functioning horn. And it sounds quite nice, too. I think we've acknowledged this fact when when you pressed it 500 times, much to the merriment of all Jln Tun Razak users, for no apparent reason.

Yes, your brake lights are working fine too. Though the same cannot be said for my eyes, which are temporarily blinded from having to stare at all that incessant blinking, especially when I'm following you on the right lane, at 5000 kilometres per hour. It's not even remotely dangerous, nor is it annoying, at all.

Yes, I am also a psychic. Which means, simply by relying on my eerily accurate telepathic ability and my magic dust, I would be able to foretell, whenever you decide to make a sudden swerve into my lane without giving a signal.

Stop following me so close!!! My car bumper is not made of titanium!!!

You have a very nice car. Make me your blushing bride. Make me!

Thought encountered in LRT:

Although I am a psychic, I have no nose. So I really don't mind you waving your (odorless, because I have no nose) armpit over the area of my face where a nose, if I have one, would usually be.

Thoughts encountered during walking to office after getting off LRT:

I wonder why the sun is unnaturally bright this morning. Oh goody, I'm late again.

Strange. Does someone pee here on a daily basis? (here is not toilet.)

See? Every day's journey to work was a different adventure waiting to unfold, ready to surprise and enlighten my already weary and tired soul.