at internet speed
(march 12, 2002)

listening: menghitung hari kris dayanti
reading: more, now, again elizabeth wurtzel

Weeeeeeee. The flower is finally green and I can see yellow blinking messages. It took me awhile to get back on the cyberspace autobahn from my new room because as you've all been tirelessly reminded I have moved into another building. When I went back to my ISP to get a new internet account or perhaps continue from my old one and get a refund on my deposit or something, I discovered that they didn't actually cancel my subscription for the past three months when I was in Malaysia. So I had to pay for three months of internet I did not use and also a late fee. I repeatedly, and with as much politeness as I could muster, told the lady I sent emails and even called them before I left for KL regarding my account cancellation but she kept scrolling down her screen on some list thing to prove that I was a lying bastard. After bouncing back and forth with me claiming I did make the calls four months ago and she scrolling up and down and denying it, my plummeting energy level and lack of sleep decided this was a lost cause and just paid about AU$200 to get my account back. Then I went back, all dandy and jubilant because I just had to give away part of my hard-earned paycheck because of some administration screw up, grabbed my network cable and whaddyaknow, what I thought was the LAN point in my room was just an empty hole. I poked it with my finger, hoping that somehow from behind the walls a LAN point would materialize and my finger would instinctively sense it, but all I got was just a bit of white plaster. I thought of sticking my middle finger inside, as some sort of self-parody, but the humour would just be lost on the walls anyway, so I did not. I went down to the reception desk and told the management that I have a hole instead of a LAN point and they said they would get right down to it soon. Then they didn't but I didn't want to be a bitch about it so I waited a couple of days before asking again then I found out that the repairman was on holiday. Then the repairman got back from his holiday and I saw him downstairs chatting away with the reception lady while I wondered to myself the merits of having a hole instead of a LAN point when you need to connect to the internet because as the situation was, my LAN point was still a small hole with bits of plaster if you poke your finger in it. Yet I thought, what the hell, the guy just got back from his holiday, show a bit of courtesy. Then I thought again, what the hell, can't hurt to ask if they can actually do anything about it. Turned out they can't since one apartment is supposed to only have two LAN points, instead of three even if it's a three-bedroom apartment.

Not that I'm making excuses for my brief dissapearance or anything.

Anyway, my lovely housemate has let me route my network cable into her room and use her LAN point instead. I have the loveliest housemates.

This totally beats living alone on pasta.