dry spell
(feb 25, 2002)

listening: i know fiona apple, grey matter jewel
reading: more, now, again elizabeth wurtzel

Forgive me for the lack of updates lately. Thanks to those who noticed (I'm trying to make it sound like I received an overwhelming gush of emails, badgering me regarding my absence, when in actual fact, only 3 people asked. Ah well, 3 qualifies for 'those', right?)

So extra special thanks for those three people.

I don't have a good reason for having not written. It could be just a stubborn lazy bug. Could also be the sweltering dry spell that had made the idea of sitting in front of the computer in such sticky heat, while trying to produce coherent sentences (a task in itself, even without the aid of the current climate), less appealing.

I can feel my writing muscle has atrophied.

Perhaps the fact that life here has been rather swell lately has bored my wrathful, tortured muse so much that she left. I'll never make it as a Hallmark greeting card writer, or one of those contributors for Chicken Soup For The Teenage/Women/Women Over 40/Men Going Through Balding/Chicken That's Going To Be Turned Into Chicken Soup's Soul. Such is the lure and trendiness of 20-somethings angst.

I'll have to admit it: I've been somewhat happier lately. Uncool as it is.

Lovely generous kind (all of which are severely undeserved) Dad has bought me a lovely digicam. So my readers (all THREE of you!) now will be subjected to a new form of torture: stomaching crap so-called photography. But I guess my kind readers have also been stomaching crap so-called writing for quite some time, so this is no great big leap. Go here if you feel like it.

I'll be leaving for Melbourne on Thursday. Ggaa. I hate detest treat packing with utter disdain and horror. Also don't really like flying that much.

I've got more to write but my weakened and shrill writing muscle is just not up for it right now. This could be the last entry to be written from Malaysia this time. Will get back to you after I've gotten things settled down a bit and the internet working because I'll be moving to another building.

Will go do 150000 bench presses to exercise my writing muscle. Or better (or worse, depending if you're me, which you probably are not) go start on packing.