annual review
(jan 10, 2002)

listening: criminal fiona apple
reading: a night without armor jewel

It's been quite an eventful year.

Or perhaps, a year made eventful by a series of eventlessness.

It wasn't horrifyingly bad, come to think of it now. It wasn't filled with daisies and bunnies and butterflies and fluttering neon pixies most of the time either.

But it was definitely not mediocre. Anything but.

Last year, I've discovered some truths. I also buried some of them for the sake of convenience.

Last year, I lost people that I care about. One devastating in its sudden absoluteness. Another excruciating in its crawling uncertainty. Both numbing.

Last year, I learnt that healing does not require focused hard work. Just the ability to shut your eyes and grit your teeth through the required amount of time. It will not become less painful if you wish it to. It will not become easier simply out of will. Let time do its work.

This year I'm looking for simplicity. No strings anywhere.

I'll wait instead of hope. It's less work.

I'll also be more selfish than I already am.

And also, some top-secret New Year resolutions. Here's to hoping I'll stick to them until next week.

Hope you like the spanking new design. I mean it's 2002 already.