road + work hazard
(dec 9, 2001)

It's Sunday.

I was supposed to go to KL to meet a friend (thousand apologies Fairy!) today but since I just reversed into my neighbour's car door with my dad's car last night I figure it would be best if I just stay home and be a model daughter for at least one day. I didn't even object when my dad asked me to help him clean his newly bought apartment. I guess the horrendously guilty can't afford the luxury of saying no to mopping the floor and wiping the windows and lifting some chairs.

My very, very forgiving and kind neighbour now can only enter his car from the passenger side.

(On my defense, it was very, very dark last night.)

Anyway, since I'll just be staying at home on this wonderfully sunny day instead of out shopping with my friend for some work shirts (security guy has been looking at me weird when I arrive at the office in jeans and a more casual shirt), I figure I'll just write about work instead. Seems like weekends are the only time to write these days anyway since I could pass for a shipwreck survivor after each spiritually and mentally fulfilling day at work.



What do I write here about my new wonderful job? I've just been working for a week but it sure feels like I've been there for ages. I'm not sure if that's a bad thing.

It's not too bad, actually. In fact I kinda think it's pretty darn cool. Except when the people at the office keep reminding me that I'm just a trainee by asking me to scan things for them. Other than that I am considered their equally esteemed element of the corporate machine and equally deserving of respect.

I'm not too sure if I can write about what I do at the office (other than scanning things for my darling colleagues) without breaching some sort of employer-employee privilege that I probably signed without realizing, thinking that my boss was just a big fan of mine. (Actually I don't think they would really mind if I tell, but by not telling I will appear to you as being more intriguing and mysterious, obviously positive traits to have. Also it makes me feel like a top super secret agent with a top super secret job.)

So you're just gonna have to use your imagination this time, ok? If it helps my work involves no whipping, tying or anything feathery.

While work has been great, getting there is another story. And since it's another story, it'll have to wait for another entry. Maybe next weekend.

Gotta wake up fresh and vibrant for work tomorrow!


listening to:
- Beautiful Sharks by Something for Kate
- Secret Agent Man by The Superjesus
- Monsters by Something for Kate
- Three Dimensions by Something for Kate

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