letter from home
(dec 2, 2001)

Dear Friend,

So how are you? Hope you're having a fab Melbourne summer.

Sorry for having not written for a quite a while. You know how things are with coming home, parents/friends ecstatic more than they normally are, buying you lovely homecoming gifts and taking you places and doing whatever you told them to do because they just miss you so much. The weather's great too, it's refreshing steadiness is a welcome change from our erratic Melbourne weather.

I'm adjusting very, very well to this warmer climate. Things are pretty dandy here my dear Friend. I wish you were here.

Lie. Lie. Lie.

I only wish you were here so that you can suffer through this hot and sticky weather with me.

My eyes and nose and throat are retaliating against the heat/pollution/humidity by going all itchy and stuffy and runny. I feel like sticking a fork into my eye sockets, gouge my eyes out, give them a good rinse in a tub of Eye-Mo, and then put them back. My only friend right now is a box of tissue because all my friends here are busy with uni/getting married/finding boyfriends/finding girlfriends/filing divorce/stopping nuclear war, leaving me to my own phlegmatic devices. And my dad just had to leave the car at the workshop for a week because his beloved daughter is home after almost a year of, well, not being home.

So how are things in Melbourne? Do we still get hail at this time of the year? Man, how I love hail. Nothing makes your day more than tiny sharp blocks of ice falling on your face.

Anyway, I promised you I would write about more positive things. *reach for more Kleenex*. Well, the food is absolutely fantastic, especially since now it is fasting month. But only if you have extremely superb driving skills/astro-projection superpower (you know, like Prue in Charmed) to navigate through the traffic horrors that is my area's Pasar Ramadan, where all the fantastic food is.

I am also the beaming and proud owner of a mobile phone now. It's about time, don't you think? I'm definitely a handphone technology-dinosaur/amoeba (whichever species walked the earth first). It takes me about the whole day to SMS-type, making replying messages so difficult and inefficient that instead of waiting for my reply, my friend will just call back in the middle of me furiously trying to figure out where the fuck is the letter P???!!!!

Anyway, I'm getting better now. Send me an SMS sometime and I promise you'll get a reply within 7 hours. If I'm not asleep or doing something else other than sitting by the phone, that is.

Oh, one more thing. I'm starting work tomorrow. So I'll be regaling you with my corporate adventures in the next letter. I hope this will make your summer more interesting.

Wishing you a less groggy Monday,


love lots,


listening to:
- Second Sun by The Superjesus
- Good Enough (acoustic version) by Sarah Mclachlan
- Angel (acoustic version) by Sarah Mclachlan
- Whatever Makes You Happy by Powderfinger

- brain under renovation. sorry for the inconvenience.