the young and the restless
(nov 20, 2001)

3 months break is waaayy too long to be spent on just waking up late and watching TV (weird, since I had no qualms at all doing just these activities when I actually have to go to uni.), so earlier last semester I set out to find a job to meaningfully while away my summer break.

Looks like I'll be rejoining the company I was with last summer. Talk about company loyalty. (note to potential employers: company loyalty is just one of my distinguishing, positive traits. Request for my colourful, sort-of-interactive CV to find out more on why I am your dream employee.)

I went to meet my new bosses earlier today. This is basically how it went.

*insert fireworks and huge applause*

Boss : Your portfolio is breathtakingly amazing. I haven't seen a more beatiful thing in my life.

Me : Why, thank you. You're generously kind. (recross legs. But I'm wearing pants here.)

Boss : Anything you see here is yours. Come work with us. We'll give you 5 million US dollars as a starting salary. Is that good enough for you?

Me : I want a company car. Can I have a company car?

Boss : You can have the company car. Take my car, too, just in case you get tired of the Roadster.

Me : Thank you. You're generously kind.

Obviously, that was a projected hypothetical scenario. Actually I was offered a slight increase from last year's salary with a potential to go even higher. They would also probably pay for my travel expenses. Also a chance to be offered a real position after I graduate, contract with sponsor notwithstanding. So relative to how interns actually get paid and treated, the above projected hypothetical scenario is actually true, relatively.

I'll most probably start rejoining the ranks of the gainfully (again, relative) employed next week. So I'll make the most of my last few days of sleeping in and switching off my brain to MTV while they last.

New challenging episodes of workplace adventures coming soon to the monitor screen near you!


listening to:
- Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead
- Shadowboxer by Fiona Apple

- The Edible Woman by Margaret Atwood. actually i was already given an excerpt of this novel, for an assignment, when i was in college. imagine my joy when i found the actual book!