in-flight jitters
(nov 16, 2001)


After 8 excruciating, leg-swelling-paralyzing hours being scrunched into a pretzel in the very, very comfortable and roomy Economy seat, wishing the plane won't crash each time we came across the mildest turbulence, praying that the rather serious-intense-looking guy sitting nearby wasn't going to do anything crazy like using the fork to take over the whole plane, everything seemed to look more positive once KLIA was in sight and we weren't so far from the very, very hard ground anymore.

I was really, really dreading this flight. Given the current fiasco, I think it was a pretty normal response. I only managed to sleep less than half an hour out of eight and that was after swallowing Panadols to try put my revolting system at ease. I was snapped back out of blissful grogginess when the chirpy Dutch stewardesses were serving supper, which I couldn't eat anyway because it was pork. Grrr.

I did manage to meaningfully while away the nerve-racking eight hours by watching America's Sweethearts, Mulan, A Knight's Tale (minus what was undoubtedly a very suspenseful and thought-provoking ending) and probably 5 minutes of Angel Eyes on one of those cute little screens they have at the back of the seat in front of you. The passenger in front of me reclined his seat a bit too much for my liking (well if it's up to my liking the front seat would be at least 5 metres away from me, not 5 centimetres), so suffice saying that I had John Cusack and Heath Ledger very close to my corneas that night. I'm not too sure if that was a good thing but they did keep my mind off the thoughts of plummeting to a sudden, fiery demise, so I guess it wasn't too bad.

But I got through it all and here I am, trying to acclimatize back to KL's humidity. My eyes are beginning to itch like they did the last time I came home and my throat is joining the picket line as well and feeling warm and somewhat raspy. The air feels sticky and hot and smoky and heavy but I'm not going to whine too much since I've been waiting for this almost all year and at least I'm going to try to make the best and be all positive about this summer break.

Let's see what happens, eh?

I miss my no-longer-mine apartment though. Sigh.


listening to:
- Alternative Moments Compilation

- The Edible Woman by Margaret Atwood. actually i was already given an excerpt of this novel, for an assignment, when i was in college. imagine my joy when i found the actual book!