welcome to the saving grace
(nov 9, 2001)

Just got back from a totally smashing Powderfinger concert. My ears are still ringing and I think I need new eardrums. My friend and I got to stand in the first row, the best stage view we had compared to other concerts we've been to before, which, in a very ungrateful turn, made me feel more of a loser, because:

i) I didn't know half of their songs. I feel like I have dissapointed Something For Kate's (the opening band, which was equally good) frontman when I just stood there in front of him, as he performed with boundless unbridled energy, in utter silence. Tried to make up for the silence with enough head banging and jiggling around, and singing really loud during the choruses. Feeling really thankful for having done more extensive research and memorizing on Powderfinger's lyrics, which served me well throughout the concert, with some songs in between I had to compensate with more head-banging and illusory drumming gestures.

ii) cameras weren't allowed in the venue. Oh to think of all the pictures I could've taken. But even if we did manage to smuggle in a camera I wouldn't dare taking photos as burly security guy kept staring at me.

But all in all, had a totally awesome time and well worth the money. I even bought a tshirt and a poster. Credit must go to my concert-going friend (together we've been to three concerts this year!! Go us!!!) for coming along and helping me getting the songs even when he's having his finals next Monday. If you're reading this then all the best on your finals. All that head-banging must've helped stirring up your subconscious learning ability :).

On a totally unrelated topic,

Things noted on the streets of Melbourne earlier today on my way to get sushi:

- a strikingly well-aerated girl, with every visible orifice on her body pierced, and pencils sticking out of her hair. Wearing a penguin tuxedo and a scarf over her hips with (very) see through leggings. Didn't dare to stare long enough for fear of own eyes being poked by pencils.

- a lady shouting at a guy. Could've been a romantic dispute. Could've been because guy was asking lady for a change and lady suddenly sensed the need to give him a lecture on her/global deteriorating financial situation. Didn't dare to wait long enough to eavesdrop on the rest of the juicy details for fear of being asked for a change.

- heard from the PA system of a discount shop: something something sexual quality something something something. I'm sure it was something else but it sure sounded like something very erotic was going on down there.

- two groups of dogs were barking furiously at each other and would probably have gotten into a canine feud if not for them being tied to a tree and on leash. I was walking in between these two groups and for a fleeting moment suddenly felt intense fear.

- a girl eyeing a super-cool bike. I noticed partly because I was eyeing the super-cool bike, too.

listening to:
- welcomeee to the seveeenntthh graaddeee. that's what i thought bernard fanning was singing until, very untimely, corrected by a friend.
- i've been trying to memorize as many powderfinger songs my lazy brain can muster for the past few days. it seems like this was the only thing that remotely resembles studying that i did this year.

- The Edible Woman by Margaret Atwood. actually i was already given an excerpt of this novel, for an assignment, when i was in college. imagine my joy when i found the actual book!