(nov 6, 2001)

I recently found out that according to the agreement I signed with my sponsor, I will not be allowed to do my honours year and will have to come back home immediately after I finish my bachelor degree and surrender my soul and my spine to the scary scary scary corporate world.

I only have one year left in the wonderful, exciting, neurologically-stimulating world of academia.

I'm not too sure how I feel about that. I'll do a bit more of serious thinking on this matter and get back to you later.

Actually, I've been procrastinating on the serious thinking bit and have managed to distract myself by thinking about my wonderful, exciting, neurologically-stimulating college days. Boy, those were the days. I still can't believe I got out of it alive. The whole studying bit was enough to drive anyone to the brink of insanity. I think some of us did jump off the ledge at least three times a week back then but were good enough actors to foil our equally-distraught comrades.

But I've met some of the most interesting people in college and were lucky enough to be friends with them. At the risk of sounding like a boring acceptance speech, these people have affected my life in more ways than I think they know. Moments of temporary derangement probably brought us together, but you guys kept me sane enough to see it through without having to resort to wearing a straitjacket and living behind padded walls when it was time to give out the certs.

Things I remember from college:

i) daily trip(s) to Sunway Pyramid even when there was always some test or assignment due the next day. Denial is crucial for survival.

ii) us just slumping in front of the tv everyday after class, keeping track of ntv7's video clip order, when there were a thousand other more important things (like passing a test) to do.

iii) running down to the badminton court to 'cop' it before anyone else does. One of us would just be standing in the middle of the court, under the scorching heat, just so that other people would stay off it.

iv) watching more video clips on that rat-infested restaurant's Astro MTV channel while waiting for our dinner/lunch (ingredients questionable) to arrive. Ignorance is also crucial for survival.

v) mamak side gate's nescafe/milo ais!!!! These people are partially responsible for my nescafe cravings here. No one adds nescafe and condensed milk and sugar with as much gusto as these people do.

vi) does anyone remember that English play we wrote? What a load of pretentious nonsensical crap. But Ms Ruma loved it anyway and in the end that was all that mattered. I wonder if I still have the script lying around somewhere back home.

vii) walking back to the hostel at 3 in the morning after some spooky midnight movie. viii) virgin margarita, anyone?

ix) repeated viewings of Dead Poet Society/Patch Adams (kill me, kill me now)/A Time To Kill/Contact for English essay material. I learned to hate Robin Williams with such passion that year.

x) impossible morning Economics class. How I got through that one still perplexes me to this very day. Benefits of GST my foot.

xi) skipping impossible morning Economics class. A brilliant solution only if you don't have a test/assignment that week. Which was never.

xii) equally impossible Appl. Maths/Physics/Calculus/English classes. Go on. Ask me a question. See if I remember.

xiii) skipping the rest of the classes.

what comes after xiii?) Coffee Bean!!! Hmmmmmmm. Sinful.

and the one after that?) did I mention daily trips to Pyramid?

This entry is dedicated to the proud survivors of Sunway AUSMAT 1999, wherever you are.


listening to:
- In Our Lifetime by Texas. one of my favourite songs during college. - Put Your Arms Around Me by Texas
- That Day by Natalie Imbruglia. will someone buy me her new album? please? pretty please?

- The Edible Woman by Margaret Atwood. actually i was already given an excerpt of this novel, for an assignment, when i was in college. imagine my joy when i found the actual book!