the great green logo has arrived (finally!)
(oct 8, 2001)

After being deprived for almost two years of my rights to indulge in a glamorous yuppie weekend sipping extortionist-priced cappucinos like there's no Monday and chatting on existential issues ala Felicity with equally glamorous yuppie friends while enjoying the sounds of the steam gushing out from the huge coffee machine and the barristas banging the cups and the saucers and slamming the blender, all like a huge ensemble of concert music to our yuppie ears, the Great Green Coffee Munsta is here.

Starbucks. Has finally made its way to the great city of Melbourne. FINALLY.

It's not that we don't already have great cafes here. In fact Melbourne is very much a cafe society. Cafes are everywhere. You can't find a street without at least five cafes on it. Maybe that's why Starbucks didn't rush to come here. But I'm a victim of brands and vanity and no one does it better than the advertising people at Starbucks.

I'm delirious with happiness.

It came out quite as a shock. When the premises where Starbucks is supposed to occupy was still under renovation, no one knew that it was going to be Starbucks. We've heard rumours that the Mean Green Coffee Machine will soon make it on our shores but not on Swanston St.!!. It's only about 10 minutes walk from my place so you know where my caffeine fix is coming from now.

Me and my friends went yesterday and the day before, when it first opened. The place was crowded to the brim. We were lucky enough to find seats. It was quite amusing to see that most of the customers were Asians. We had to wait for quite a while to pick up our order.

Caramel Frappucino is soooooo damn good. My life is almost complete.

p/s: Bought some CDs yesterday.
- Ani DiFranco Living On Clip
- PJ Harvey Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea

You'll notice that none of these CDs are on my initial CD-buying list. My spontaneity is a health hazard to my wallet.

Anyway, am off to try to get tickets for the Powderfinger gig. Wish me luck.


listening to:
- fave tracks from Noise CD: Love Song For A Girl Diana Ah Naid, Holiday (Just Here For A Few Days) George, I'm All For Believing Missy Higgins, Evaporate Gorgeous
- going through my newly-bought CDs by PJ Harvey and Ani DiFranco