aria awards
(oct 4, 2001)

Just finished watching the ARIA awards on tv. ARIA awards is something like AIM awards in Malaysia. They were featuring some of my favourite bands and singers so there goes any well-intended plans to work on my studio project tonight.

To Powderfinger fans, the band swept many awards tonight, it was either them or The Avalanches who scored top (I lost track after flicking between channels during the show's last hour because Felicity was on another channel) including the Best Album award.

Natalie Imbruglia's new song's pretty cool too. Less poppy than her last effort, which was four years ago. Kylie Minogue finally won the Best Female Artist award since how many years being in the scene already. About time. She's definitely the most loved Australia's petite pop princess and looking better than ever. Good for her. I'm no crusader for her headache-inducing-yet-ruthlessly-catchy tunes, but her perserverance is amazing. After all that curly hair days.

Superjesus performed so I definitely was watching that. Reminded me of my friends who got to shake Sarah Mcleod's hand when we went to their gig (so have you started washing your hands again now guys? Remember, you can only last so long without proper hygiene. Look who's talking. Hehe.).

Dido was the only non-Australian artist performing. Will be going to her concert in a couple of weeks. Yay!

This month's allowance just finally cleared through. After days of living on bread on coffee I upgraded myself for a muffin-and-new-magazine breakfast today. Nothing like a break from temporary poverty to remind you life is indeed beautiful.

Planning to get some new Aussie CDs before going back home.

Potential CD titles that will break my wallet (again)
- Natalie Imbruglia White Lilies Island
- The Superjesus Jet Age
- Kasey Chamber Brickwalls and Barricades
- Total Rock Compilation
- Zed Silencer

Hmm. Decisions. Decisions.

Anyway, with money in the bank and the coffee jar restocked, Dido concert to look forward to, spring weather looking gorgeous, my last few weeks here in Melbourne this year is something I'll miss not even two days after I get back to the hot and humid KL.


listening to:
- matchbox 20's Yourself or Someone Like You. Fave tracks being Long Day, Shame, and Hang. For some reason they remind me of rainy, gloomy days when I was in college. I like this album better than their last effort.
- Rolling Stone magazine's free Noise CD. I don't know most of the people on the tracks but they sound absolutely wonderful. Will do more music research later.

- October In Style magazine. more like just looking at nice pictures than reading, actually.