fire! fire!
(sept 29, 2001)

Grrr. Grrr. Someone should die for this.

It was a pathetic Friday night (nothing good on TV, too poor to go out as was the end of the month), so I tried going to sleep early. Hmph. I've done Calculus tests easier than this. After tossing and turning and analyzing the captivating details of my blanket's abstract pattern for a few torturous excruciating hours I finally slipped into the Land of the Unconscious.

Then there it was. The blaring fire alarm. Checked my clock, it was 3 bloody a.m. The fire alarm had already gone off too often to be effective for me. Thinking this was just another one of those oh-I'm sorry-but-I-thought-aluminium foil-was-microwaveable episodes, and believing I have fire-repelling superpowers (grogginess makes you think you can repel anything), I decided to wait it out for a bit longer as these things will usually go away on their own.

Waited for a few minutes.

*alarm sound*...Please Evacuate. *alarm sound*...Please Evacuate. Also heard the fire engine's siren and doors slamming. God, this could be serious. People were actually leaving their rooms at this hour.

Panic level slightly arising, I grabbed my wallet and my apartment key and left the room. Looked around for signs of smoke or horrified occupants. There were none. They were just as groggy and pissed as I was.

So, doing the right thing, we went for the stairs to get to the ground floor. Mind you, I live on the 13th floor, the highest floor in the building. Running down 13 flights of stairs while being half-awake is not my idea of a swingin' Friday night.

Took me a while to get down to the lobby. A lot of equally pissed people were already there. Waited for a bit then the firemen came down by the elevator. Well if the firemen were using the elevator then that means things are a-okay. Everyone rushed to the elevators to get back to our rooms. Crisis over.

On the other hand I'm relieved it was nothing but false alarm.

Went back to the tedious task of studying the intricate details of my blanket's construct while outlining assassination plans on whoever set off the fire alarm.

I woke up at 11 am, met my friends, then we went to St. Kilda Beach. I almost got bitten by a dog, and we got to watch the sunset there. I'm much happier now.


listening to:
- Everybody Calls Me Lonely by The Superjesus
- Enough To Know by same
- See You Soon by Coldplay. went to these guys' gig few months back. they were simply stunning.

- Visible Panty Line by Gretel Killeen. This woman's hilarious!