mid-sem break is here
(sept 21, 2001)

This is terribly lazy of me, but I just love this song right now. It's by an Aussie rock band called The Superjesus. The rest of you elsewhere in the world might not have heard of them. We went to see them at a live gig in Melbourne last weekend. Sarah Mcleod totally rocks.

Second Sun
I caught the tail of something I forgot to give
It's the strangest of emotions I couldn't tell if it was the enemy in me
Now well, I could take a thousand years
No one stands and no one hears
Something tells me I could be all right
Through all the changes I could crawl
It's not enough to save it all
Temporary happiness, I like it

Would you say I'm never gonna tell you
Don't you know I'm straight to the point again
And I'm waiting for the second sun
To show me where I'm going wrong

Could you see if anybody's looking my way
I don't know if I believe you
I hope to God it's coming back on me someday
It's always happening to someone who
Could take it all and see it through
Now I'm left with nothing that I would need
And everything will turn around
Just as I'm here I've found
Standing in the wake of you, I like it

Now you hide in the alley way
Safe from the longest day
We'll take on all you say
Temporary happiness
I never thought I'd be
The friend you had in me

I just finished two essays totaling almost 5000 words this week. So I'm kinda worded out for the moment. Just gonna goof off this weekend. One-week break. Yeah.