wtc tragedy - wtf??!! (pt1)
(sept 13, 2001)

I went to bed early on the night of September 11th, which was really rare these days. My little sister called briefly out of the blue telling me US has been bombed. She wasn't much into details. Just simply, "Kakak, Amerika kena bom.". And then I told her to hang up. Any shock or curiosity to find out more about it were heavily buffered by grogginess and the desire to get back to bed.

The next day when I switched on the TV I simply gasped. There wasn't anything else on TV except repeated images of those planes diving into the towers. Then the floors began to pile up on top of another, bringing the whole building down while still maintaining an erect position. Like a domino set. Except it was moving from top to bottom, obviously crushing and killing anything unlucky enough to be in its way. It must've taken more than a few seconds for the whole building to be reduced to ground level, the fearsome few seconds that all one can do is watch.

I dare not imagine how fearsome these few seconds were to those who were in the tower. What were going through their heads? At the point where escape was just impossible. They were made to wait. Some couldn't wait much longer and jumped off the 80th or 90th floors. Some jumped alone. I read some jumped in pairs and in strings. What were going through their heads before they reach the ground? The thought makes me sick.

You were having coffee by the photocopy machine and suddenly you had to decide whether to jump 90 floors from the ground or being burnt alive by jet fuel.

I wondered about the passengers in the airplanes used in the attacks. Making final phone calls to their loved ones. Knowing full well they won't see them again. Knowing full well they were going to crash inevitably and kill another few thousands people. They were made to wait, too.

I don't know what else to say. The world feels different now. The smoke and debris from Manhattan have engulfed the whole world. It's bleaker than ever.


listening and watching:
channel seven news. they suspended their regular programs for ongoing coverage of the attacks.