hating melbourne
(sept 1, 2001)

It rained all day today. Things looked so grey and gloomy outside. Very melancholic. I'm blaming the weather for my inability to focus on work today. Tomorrow I'll probably blame the magnetic fields on the polar caps and the ozone hole.

view from my studio apartment. rain rain go away.

Living in a fickle-weathered foreign country is harder when none of your relatives own an oil well or belong to the Brunei royal family. Student allowance is just exactly what it says, allowing you to live as no more than a student. Hardly Manolo-wearing Carrie Parker in Sex and The City (although I still think it's impossible to afford her lifestyle on a column writer's salary, which is way much more than student allowance). Not even Felicity in Felicity. Things are pretty expensive here. You can easily get the same thing back in Malaysia for half-price (1 AU$ = roughly RM2) in most cases. Don't get me started on those wonderful pirated VCDs back home.

Lying dishonest misleading network TV. But at least living in a huge New York loft apartment on Fantasy St. doesn't require you to pay rent.

(Anyway it's Jurassic Park weekend on Channel Ten. Yesterday they showed Jurassic Park and tonight they're airing The Lost World, in conjunction with the release of Jurassic Park 3. In Jurassic Park, I only understand the part where the dinosaurs are terrorizing and chasing and biting people's head off. I didn't even bother with the sequel. Why anyone would want to make Jurassic Park 3 is beyond me. Poor Tea Leoni.)

Since it's all frustrated dinosaurs running rampant on TV tonight, I switched it off early. Now I'm restless and not sure what to do. Anything but work.

Horrifyingly expanding to-do list:

i) interactive walk cycle project. This one's almost done except for the sound part. You'll see it soon on nondecaf. 50% of subject.

ii) 500-word news feature article on a still undecided topic. 20% of subject.

iii) loads of flash animation for my studio project. 50% of subject. Presentation on week 9.

iv) 2500-word essay on cognitive/ecological/ihavenoidea psychology and computer interface. I have no blind idea what cognitive or egological psychology actually mean.

v) more on the way. Writing them down only makes me feel more helpless.

my hopelessly cluttered workstation. gallons
of coffee have been consumed here.


listening to:
- I Want To Come Over by Melissa Etheridge.
- Angels Would Fall by same.

just finished reading:
- September In Style. I just want to look at pretty pictures. My brain refuses to process words right now.